How to be THE EXPERT in your field

I’m sure you see this all the time, “You need to establish yourself as the expert”… but HOW do you do that?! Keep reading to find out!!

To be an expert is to have skill or knowledge in a particular field. With such a simple definition this means everyone is an expert at something. YOU ARE AN EXPERT!!! As a business owner, this means you have to express that to your audience through your branding. Because everyone can and is an expert this means you have to make yourself stand out and build trust as THE EXPERT. 

The term expert seems to come with a lot of fears and misunderstandings, many seem to think this means you must have a degree or decades of experience, and be able to showcase that, but that is not necessarily true. To calm your fears when it comes to viewing yourself as the expert, I have answered 4 of your big how to be THE EXPERT questions for you. 

What sets apart “the expert” from all the others?

By being consistent in your brand, providing value, and clearly showcasing how you solve your clients’ pain points you will be the expert everyone comes calling to.

The expert knows their audience, they continuously research who they are ensuring that their service and their offers are connecting with their needs. 

Why is a consistent brand necessary?

A brand is more than just colors, fonts, and images it is also the messaging you are supplying and the word choices you use to connect with your audience.

A consistent brand is necessary because it allows customers to recognize and identify your business as a reliable and trustworthy company. It also builds up the company’s reputation and credibility.

No matter what it is you are selling you want to come across as confident in your business, your offer, and the solution you provide.

How do I supply value without giving away what I do for free?

Giving value is not about giving away what you do for free. Giving value is teaching your audience what they need to do or have before they can hire you. This is especially true for those of you who provide a service.

If you sell products, it works the same accept what you end up teaching your audience is how your product is what they need to do or accomplish XYZ. Product sellers can get straight to the point of resolving the problems of their audience, as a service provider you may have people who need to take a few steps on their own before they are ready to hire you. 

How do I learn what my clients’ pain points are?

Market research, you should be continuously researching your market and target audience to see what their needs and biggest problems are. Your offer is the solution to these problems. If you are an expert in helping women to lose weight, your potential clients’ pain points are that they want to lose weight.

That is just the surface level of their pain point, though you must dig further and ask your target market why they want to lose weight, and what is stopping them from doing that.

By asking these questions of your audience, you can build upon your messaging to explain exactly how your solution for weight loss is the right one for them. 

When you believe in your service, your business, and your messaging, will be evident in the way you speak about your business and in the way you market your business to others. 

If you are struggling with your branding or standing out with your offer, check out the resources inside the Business Vault!

Inside the Vault, along with many other resources, you will find:

  • Brand Identity Worksheets: step-by-step worksheets on exactly what you need to create a brand identity.
  • Secret Sauce Workbook: a workbook to nail your ‘secret sauce’ better knowns as your unique selling proposition (USP).

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