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You’re passionate about your service-based business, and I’m passionate about making it stand out online!

Here at Vivid Pixel Studio, I help passionate service-based business owners transform their online presence, enabling them to confidently establish credibility, attract their ideal clients, and thrive online with authenticity and impact.


how we can work together

brand design

It’s not just about looks—it’s about creating a brand identity that resonates, attracts, and establishes trust. Let’s craft visuals that tell your story.

web design

Transform your online space into a lead-generating powerhouse. Beyond aesthetics, let’s build trust and establish credibility.

marketing support

From masterclasses to lead magnets, let’s elevate your marketing game. It’s time to turn casual interest into loyal clients.


hello! I’m Tabitha!

As your designer + strategist, I’m all about making things simple and stress-free. Think of me as your creative sidekick – here to help you feel confident and excited about your business!

For me, it’s not just about design and making things look pretty – it’s about understanding your business inside and out to build an online presence that truly works for your business and gets you closer to your dreams.

Together, we’ll dive into what makes your business special while honing in on your specific goals and the results you’re aiming for.

Book a call with me today to learn how we can work together to ELEVATE  YOUR BUSINESS + ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS + ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY!

are you done trying to do it all yourself?



take your brand to the next level

No more generic looks – step into a brand identity that’s uniquely you and stands out in the crowd.


attract your ideal clients

With a compelling online presence, draw in the clients you’ve always dreamed of working with.


feel confident about your business

Now that your business looks its absolute best, you will feel like a legit business owner.

Working with Tabitha has been a game-changer for Be Understood.

Her deep understanding of my vision, combined with her expertise and meticulous attention to detail, far exceeded my expectations. The process was seamless, marked by excellent communication and support. I highly recommend Vivid Pixel Studio to anyone seeking exceptional web development, branding services, and course development. She is more than a service provider; she is a valuable partner in driving business growth.

– Linda N.

We absolutely love the new look of our website!

It looks much cleaner and professonal! It is exactly how I wanted it to look in my brain but could never achieve it!

– Shannon P.

OMG! You're so amazing...

You could make anyone look good, LOL!! It’s PERFECT! Bravo! You’re awesome, super fantastic and massively talented. 100% LOVE… Better than I ever could have imagined!!!

– Dena H.

I just want to say how amazing it was to work with Tabitha!

She recently did my website and I couldn’t be happier! I came to her with clarity on how I wanted it to feel. How I was moving into this next phase of my business… and really not knowing how to pull it together. SHE NAILED IT 👏👏👏

I WAS IN SHOCK when she showed me the first look… it was on point and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. ❤

– Monica D.


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