power hour strategy session

your gateway to focused, actionable insights tailored specifically to your business needs.

Imagine if you could gain crystal-clear clarity and a concrete action plan in just one hour. Let’s dive deep into your most pressing business issues, whether it’s branding, website design, or marketing strategy, I’ve got your back!

A Power Hour Strategy Session is perfect if you need…


What if you had a roadmap and were super clear on how to easily create the business of your dreams?


What if you had someone to hold your hand to answer all your burning tech-related questions & actually simplify things?

During Your Strategy Session, we can cover things like…

The 3-part framework to create easily a powerful Brand Strategy

Auditing your website and brand to ensure both are aligned with your goals

The Website Strategy you need in order to create a website that converts

Pick my brain to gain clarity your website, branding, or marketing

What tech blocks are holding you back and how to overcome them

Gain valuable knowledge on tools and strategies to scale your business

Don’t let another day pass feeling stuck or uncertain.

Take the first step towards a more focused, profitable business!

Hi there! I’m Tabitha and a few years ago, I was in your shoes. I understand what it’s like to be paralyzed by frustration & overwhelm when it comes to creating an online business.

Before becoming a Creative Designer, I built my Virtual Assistant business up by working with clients as a “Tech VA” soaking up all the knowledge I could about websites, branding, email marketing and more.

Now I spend my time helping service-based entrepreneurs get undistracted so they can stop wasting time, create a consistent online presence and step into their full potential.

I am here to help you skip the overwhelm and frustration so you can create the business of your dreams with ease during a Power Hour Strategy Session!!

Here’s what my clients had to say:

Joanna K.

OMG – You are amazing Tabitha! Thank you so much for your excellent work. I’m really appreciative of all of it. I’m so glad I connected with you to work with.

Tammy C.

“I am a Virtual Assistant and I needed some assistance with my website and some projects I was working on. Along came Tabitha when I posted a question on a forum. She helped me figure out a problem I was having. Her knowledge and resources were just what I needed. She then helped me sort out my website and helped me with a new design. Tabitha is so helpful and knowledgeable and was a big help when I needed it. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for assistance, she has a great eye and excellent attention to detail.”

Angela H.

“I had googled and googled and tried to figure out how to customize a couple of things on my website by myself, and seriously, it sucked. I asked Tabitha to check it out and she did it in less than an hour! It saved me stress, anxiety, frustration, and got done SO quickly. Now my website looks exactly how I want and I owe it all to Tabitha. Thank you again!!”

Chelsea T.

“I found Tabitha in a Facebook group for entrepreneurs and I am so very grateful that I did!! She is efficient, kind, easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and she always gets back to me so quickly when I have a question. She goes above and beyond and makes me feel so much better knowing that someone is there to help me figure out the technical side of my business.

I would definitely recommend her to any entrepreneurs who need help with the systems in their online business–she is amazing!”

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Book your session

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Give me the details

Fill out the form and tell me about your business & your goal(s) for your session.


Rock the Session

During our session, we will spend the hour working on your needs/goals.

frequently asked questions

What is the investment?

The current investment for a Power Hour is $147.

** Please note that this session is non-refundable.

**You can apply the Power Hour investment towards any project within 90 days.

What is your availability?

To book your session, take a look at my next available date on my calendar and book a day that works best for you.

The days I’m available are super limited, so if none of the days work for you, just email me (tabitha@vividpixelstudio.co) to see what we can do. However, I can’t make any promises.

What's Included in a Power Hour?

Pre-Session Assessment: A brief questionnaire to maximize the productivity of your session by understanding your business, goals, and challenges beforehand.
60-Minute 1:1 Consultation: A focused, uninterrupted time to brainstorm, strategize, and create a roadmap for your business.
Custom Action Plan: A summary of key insights and a step-by-step action plan delivered post-session, ensuring you have a clear direction moving forward.
Follow-Up Support: 2 weeks of email support to clarify any doubts and help you maintain momentum.

What if you don't Answer all my questions?

The Power Hour is designed to be a focused, intensive session to tackle your most pressing challenges and provide actionable strategies. However, I understand that questions may continue to arise even after our session.

Here’s how I ensure you’re supported:

1. Follow-Up Support: After the session, you’ll have 2 weeks of email support. This means you can reach out with any additional questions or seek clarification on the strategies discussed. I’m here to support you as you begin to implement your action plan.

2. Additional Sessions: If your questions extend beyond the scope of the initial Power Hour or if new challenges arise, you have the option to book additional sessions. This ensures that you have ongoing support tailored to your evolving business needs.

My goal is to ensure you leave the Power Hour feeling empowered and clear about your next steps. Your success is my priority, and I’m committed to providing the support you need to achieve it.


At this time, there is not a payment plan.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Because the spots are super limited, there will be no refunds or cancellations. If you have to reschedule, reach out to me (tabitha@vividpixelstudio.co) at least 24 hours in advance to work something out.

What if I need more support?

If you need more support, I invite you to book a VIP Day or check out my ongoing marketing package.

During a VIP Day, I’ll spend the entire day working on your business so you can hand off the tech and design tasks on your to do list, finally establish yourself as an expert and move on to bigger and better things!

**You can apply the Power Hour investment towards your VIP Day.

still have questions about a Power Hour?

If you have any questions regarding booking a Power Hour, let’s hop on a discovery call and talk about it!

ready for your strategy session?