Good Design VS Good Copy

Did you know some people believe and actually preach that ugly websites sell and that all that matters is that your copy is good? People have also argued the opposite, that as long as you have a good design you will sell like hotcakes.

To be honest, there is no comparison between copy and design work, because if one is good and one is bad, then, either way, you wonโ€™t be making any sales.

Your design and brand are what get people to read the content of your website. The content or copy is what keeps them moving between the different pages. If you want a website that creates sales for your business, you need to understand how both the design and content work together.


Design controls emotions and supplies organization. It helps lead the viewersโ€™ eyes to what is most important on the page and gives them visual instruction for what to do next. This is why we have branding.

By developing a consistent color palette, layout, image style, and use of fonts across your website, you create a reference in your audienceโ€™s memory. They will remember you by your logo and use of color as it will associate itself with certain emotions and feelings.

Design works with your copy to help streamline the experience and transition as your website viewers move from page to page on your website. Your design provides visual cues to your potential client that your business is professional, fun, corporate, academic, inspirational, relaxing, etc.

Whatever emotion or belief you are hoping to elicit can be done through the use of good design.


Copy is the words or content on the page that speaks to your audience. It tells them exactly what you do, who you serve, the pain points your audience is experiencing, and the solution you provide. Copy works within design and formats itself to fit into your page. Content can be long or short, and design may be the deciding factor for exactly how long or short it gets. Your purpose for writing may vice versa also impact the layout of the design.

A good example of copy impacting design layout is a sales page or landing page. When youโ€™re designing a page like this, the way you write, the content, and the amount of information you provide may differ depending on the cost of what you are selling. If you are selling a package with a heavy price tag, then you will need to provide lots of value, share a story, inspire your reader to believe that you 100% truly understand their pain points, and are the only one with the actual solution to their problems. You will also want to share testimonials, and go into detail about all the things they will receive when they buy. (For example, if you are selling a high-ticket course, you will want to summarize each module of the course.)

Ultimately, design and content work together to create an experience for your audience.

When they first get to your page, you want them to remain on the page because it is pleasant to look at and feels safe. This combination gives them direction for what to do next and tells them if you are the person who can provide the solution to their problems.

This is exactly why the Ultimate Content Guide is included as a bonus when you book a Designer Day Intensive! Not only will you get a beautiful website, you will be able to create compelling copy for it as well!

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