5 Steps to Increase Revenue from Your Website

You built your website with the hopes of reaching large amounts of customers and increasing revenue. However, you’ve quickly discovered that it takes a lot more than a few pretty photos and short text blurbs to increase revenue from your website.

Running a business online can be a challenge. You have a lot of competitors and a lot of options to choose from. So, if you want to make sure that your business thrives, you need to make sure you do everything possible to make sure your business gets ahead.

While there are several ways to make sales online, in this blog, we’re going to look at 5 steps you can take today to start increasing your revenue with your website.

Identify What Your Ideal Customer Wants To Know

In order to make sales from your website, you have to know what your customers are looking for. If you’re selling shoes, and you market them as lightweight and airy, yet your customer is looking for a sturdy walking shoe. You’ve just missed the opportunity to make a sale.

Research the concerns and pain points that your ideal customer has, and use your website to address those concerns. Identifying your unique selling proposition (USP), is key in addressing customer pain points. Get my free workbook to determine your unique selling proposition.

Build Individual Landing Pages

Landing pages give a unique opportunity to target specific groups of customers. A landing page is a page on your website dedicated exclusively to one product or service. Using the landing page tactic prevents visitors from getting distracted on your website.

Landing pages should only have one call to action, and it should be clear to your customers what that CTA is.

Increase Your Loading Speed

Have you ever heard the phrase, “good looks only go so far?” Well, the same goes for your website. Studies show that if a website does not load within four seconds, 25% of visitors exit the site. That’s one-fourth of your potential customers!

You can increase your loading speeds by eliminating unnecessary graphics or photos. Try to maintain a minimal design, and reduce the sizes of the images that you include on your website.

Utilize Social Proof

When you’re looking for a handyman or a lawyer you typically ask a friend or family member, right? But, when shopping online many websites are relatively unknown. So how do you know if they are trustworthy? You check the reviews.

Social proof, in the form or customer reviews or testimonials are one of the largest ways to build trust in new customers. Remember to include testimonials in prominent spots on your website, with a customer name and photo – if possible.

Target Prior Customers

Selling to prior customers is much simpler and more cost-effective than finding new customers. They are already aware of your business, and have taken the leap of purchasing on your website before. You already have their trust, and their contact information, so it’s important to stay on their radar.

Sending out emails that provide valuable information, business updates, or sales is a great way to continue to build your relationship with customers.

Final Note

It may take a little effort and consistency to see an increase in revenue from your website. But, with the addition of these key steps, you will start to see results in no time!

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