Is your website a deal breaker?

Want to make that sale? Book that service? Win over that next client? When it comes to your website, the little things matter. While you are designing and creating your website pages, you are crafting the big picture.

While that big picture is a reflection of your brand and gives your client their first impression, each aspect of your website makes a subsequent impression. The hard truth is that the little things can be a deal-breaker. The details are what separates a pretty good website from a great one that people trust, visit frequently, and recommend to others.

Do the details really matter?

They say the devil is in the details. When readers notice small errors or incongruencies, they may or may not give you a chance to fix them. If you don’t, they may simply move on to a website that has put the extra time and effort to give their viewers a professional and aesthetically pleasing experience.

The other risk is that visitors may assume that your work, product, or services may also be lacking in the professional finesse they’re looking for in a business relationship. If you have errors in your website, a representation of you and your brand, they may assume there will be errors in the work they receive from you.  

So, is your website where you want it to be? It may require you to take a step back from your design, so you are able to see what you missed while you were involved in creating the page. Ask a trusted friend to look at your work as a visitor would and find any detail flaws. It can be an easy fix to make sure you’re giving the impression you’re intending!

Things that are worth paying attention to:

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that you need to do a review of the little things. So, where should you start? What could potentially be driving people away from you? Here are a few tips.

1. Don’t try to put everything on the same page

It’s like hoarding for web designers, nobody wants that! You may have a lot of lovely images and fun elements, but they don’t convey the desired effect if they are all in one place. Visitors cannot focus on each one if they are not strategically presented. Spread it out, show it off!

2. Check for spelling errors

After viewing your web pages for several hours, your brain may gloss over those missing letters because it knows that they were supposed to be there. Come back in a few hours with fresh eyes and catch those errors before you go live. On the other hand, sometimes spelling and grammar are just not our strong suit in which case you’re going to need to enlist a friend or a professional to clean up the copy. Spelling mistakes are annoying and can slow down reading efforts. Besides, it’s just downright unprofessional looking. I know you’re better than that!

3. Content breaks

It is hard to read a long content piece that is devoid of subheadings, bold typing, or lists. If you want readers to keep reading, build in some points of respite for their weary brains. You’re providing amazing value for your clients, make it easy for them to read, it will keep them coming back for more!

4. The grayed-out effect

Did you know a dog can’t see colors? Well, now you do! Do you know who CAN see colors? Your clients! Websites are viewed and assessed (even subconsciously) for color and consistency as much as they are for content. Your web pages will become washed out if there is no color contrast that strategically breaks things up and draws the eye to certain areas of the page.

You already know that attention to detail matters to your audience. They want to know that you care. Now you know some specific types of details to start evaluating and improving so when your next big client visits your website, they’re confident in your ability and eager to do business with you!

So, the big question now is: is YOUR website a deal breaker??

If your website needs a revamp, let’s chat! With a Designer Day Intensive, we can transform your website into a professional looking and client-attracting machine!!

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